Portfolio: Junior League

Project Junior League of Baltimore
5902 York Road
Baltimore, Maryland
Size 11,855 square feet
Owner Junior League of Baltimore
5902 York Road
Baltimore, Maryland

Maria Johnson
(443) 691-1794
Architect Thornhill Design Studio
313 Thornhill Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Tina McCoach
(410) 435-2257

Penza Bailey Architects
401 Woodbourne Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Laura Penza
(410) 435-6677

The Junior League of Baltimore was a very challenging project from several angles: 1) a limited working budget, 2) a small site for parking and expansion, 3) indecision on how to best pursue the objectives that needed to be accomplished, and 4) securing investigative criteria and planning for the most accurate information needed to start the project on the right foot and with the least amount of wasted energy.

The existing building was a one-story multi-level retail store and basement. The goal was to raise the existing building and replace it with a new two-story building with basement, keeping some of the old structure. The first floor was built as the Wise Penny retail store (all on one level with side handicap entrance, display windows, dressing rooms, merchandising racks/shelves, separate departments, high ceilings with directional lighting and a three-story elevator).

A new second floor was added to house the JLB Administration and to be used for meetings, community functions and committee meeting. And make them feel grounded not nomadic. The existing site was a small lot that needed to be planned out and used to its fullest capacity. We paved the lot and set it up with parking spots, a dumpster pad, handicap spot, JLB entrance, grass picnic area and a defined boundary to the neighbors.

This project features as many green building items as were feasible to the JLB and their budget.

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