Budgeting/Cost Estimating

Based on historical data, related, recently completed projects and cost projections, Constantine Commercial will prepare our own quantity take-offs and detailed estimate for each unit of construction.

In order to ensure that the maximum value is obtained for our client’s investment, Constantine Commercial will solicit a minimum of three competitive prices for each trade from qualified subcontractors.

A Process That Works For You


We will prepare a scope of work package for each subcontract category detailing all requirements necessary to enable the subcontractor to perform work. This includes:

  • Invitation to bid
  • Drawings
  • Specifications and other documents
  • Instructions to bidders
  • Insurance requirements
  • Bid due dates
  • Specific scope of work requirements
  • Requirements related to city/county agencies having jurisdiction

In order to further enhance cost containments, Constantine Commercial explores alternative systems or components that do not compromise the Owner’s or Architect’s intent expressed in the bid documents. These alternatives would be studied and detailed to assure maximum value to the Owner and presented as a value study when the bids are received as an added component to the bid review process.

Constantine Commercial will identify long-lead items and prepare a purchasing schedule, which will ensure material availability when it is required at the job site.

Upon receipt of subcontractor prices, a spreadsheet describing each trade and accompanying comparative prices will be prepared and analyzed for conformance with contract requirements. Inclusive in this analysis will be a review with each subcontractor as to manpower and material delivery requirements consistent with the project schedule and design tenets.



The Job Schedule is a primary tool to effectively track a project through completion. The schedule enables Constantine Commercial and other project team members to monitor progress and to organize and sequence the work to meet the completion date.

Separate work categories are listed indicating start and completion of each category. Essential items which must be completed before physical construction begins, such as approvals, field dimensioning, shop drawings and fabrication are indicated on the schedule prior to the work category requiring this action.

The schedule is then reviewed and updated at the project meetings. Appropriate action necessary to keep the project on schedule is reflected in minutes of the weekly job meeting.

Scope Review

On a typical project, more than 85% of the work is performed by specialty subcontractors. A key responsibility of the construction manager is to award the work to these subcontractors in a manner that elicits competitive yet comprehensive pricing.

During the bid phase, Constantine Commercial conducts a thorough in-house review of the construction documents and project requirements. Depending on the project size, either a written or verbal scope analysis is conducted for conformance to project requirements including schedule and manpower requirements.

Constantine Commercial’s analysis endeavors to ensure that each bid is complete and to minimize potential change orders. Any exceptions or omissions are noted and an allowance for any such work is included. This Scope Review also clarifies coordination among the subcontractors, especially in the area of possible overlap of responsibility.

Project Control and Coordination

Constantine Commercial will control and coordinate the project to ensure completion on time and within the budget. Constantine Commercial’s Project Manager is responsible for the coordination and administration of subcontracts, shop drawings and coordination of any changes; the Project Manager will direct the project through its completion and closeout.

Constantine Commercial will control and coordinate each project by holding the Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) team meetings. Held weekly, these meetings will serve as a forum to keep the owner and architect informed and involved, coordinate any changes, monitor submittals, provide trade information and monitor the schedule. Constantine Commercial will produce OAC meeting minutes which will be distributed to all members of the project team.

Shop Drawing Submittal Log

Through its extensive experience in purchasing and coordinating delivery of construction materials, Constantine Commercial establishes the dates each item is required at the job site. The Shop Drawing Submittal Log lists each vendor and item, records the progress of shop drawing approval by date and activity, and indicates delivery status.

This document enables Constantine Commercial to expedite shop drawing approval, to facilitate deliveries when necessary, and to schedule each delivery efficiently. Thus, construction tasks can be accomplished in the appropriate sequence. Additionally, materials are delivered as they are required, thereby reducing jobsite storage requirements. The Shop Drawing Submittal Log assists in clearly defining and closely monitoring the architect/contractor’s responsibility so that the project is completed on time.


Constantine Commercial’s field superintendent will supervise, coordinate, and inspect the activities of its own work force and that of all subcontractors on the job. The field superintendent is Constantine’s job site representative to ensure completion on time, and to the satisfaction of our client.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes are an effective tool in tracking project components through completion. This proven system enables Constantine Commercial to inform participants about all aspects of the project accurately and clearly.

These meetings are attended by the entire team. Standard topics include:

  • Critical Items
  • Progress Schedule
  • Shop Drawing Submittal Log
  • Modifications/Change Order Logs
  • Status of Changes
  • Current Cost
  • Accounting and Contract Payment
  • Subcontractor Status
  • New Business
  • Construction Items Requiring Attention

To keep the project on schedule, responsibilities for each required item are indicated by the responsible individual’s initials together with the date by which the task is to be completed. This also serves as a reminder throughout the week as to what action is necessary before the next weekly meeting.

Accounting and Cost Control

Constantine Commercial maintains all accounting and cost records for its work and makes payment to subcontractors and suppliers hired by Constantine Commercial. A monthly construction billing will be prepared for our client including all required documentation.

Punchlist and Inspection

Prior to the completion, Constantine Commercial, the Owner and the Architect will inspect the work and direct all finish work to be completed to our client’s satisfaction and that all components and systems operate as specified. Constantine Commercial will assemble maintenance manuals and/or as-built drawings for our client’s use in operating the facility.