Project Description

Client:  Polaris

Architect: NFD, Inc., DDG Engineering & Skorpa Design

Square Feet: 22,000

Date Completed: 2/1/20

7 St. Paul Street

Project Description

Client:   7 St. Paul Street

Architect: Arris

Square Feet: 11,500

Date Completed: 4/30/19

Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

Project Description

Client:   Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

Architect: NFD

Square Feet: 4,600

Date Completed: 2/1/2019

Institute of Integrative Health

Project Description

Client:   Institute of Integrative Health

Architect: BCT

Square Feet: 12,000

Date Completed: 2/1/2017

Helion Automotive Technologies

Project Description

Client:   Helion Automotive Technologies

Architect: Arris Design

Square Feet: 19,850

Date Completed: 2014

C.H. Robinson

Project Description

Client:   C.H. Robinson

Architect: NFD

Square Feet: 6,000

Date Completed: 8/1/2018

Cushman & Wakefield

Project Description

Client:   Cushman & Wakefield

Architect: DCI

Square Feet: 28,000

Date Completed: 3/31/17